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Multi-fandom and random stuff.
May 1 '13

I was told that I should watch Hannibal

Ii’ve seen the two first episodes so far, and while I like the show and the idea, the murders, the mood and the “i totally have some problems” thing with will…. i just can’t stand mads mikkelsen.

never could, probably never will.

i saw him in de grønne slagtere (the green butchers) in the cinema back in 2003, and i haven’t been able to stand him ever since.

i saw him in adams æbler (adam’s apples), pusher and casino royale and i’m not sure why, but i just can’t stand him.

he’s an excellent actor, there’s just something about him that ticks me off.

and that is why i will never be able to enjoy a show which actually is excellent.

and hell, that is pissing me off.

  1. agentstovring said: THANK YOU AND GOODNIGHT. I’m completely with you on this.
  2. reficulnatas posted this